Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Things I Find...

Wet n Wild has new product, I say new though I don’t know if it is actually new, I’ve never seen it before and I am constantly browsing through the shelves in the make up section for new cool things. Anyway, it’s called intuitive blend shade adjusting foundation + primer and I LOVE it. Stumbled across the night before my birthday while I was picking up the Revlon primer I had been using, wasn’t really happy with it but it works most of the time. I was thrilled!
            I know you may be thinking…really wet n wild? But this stuff is awesome and revolutionary. It’s a clear primer with tiny beads that burst against the skin to produce the color. Looks super strange coming from the tube, but it goes on smoothly and eliminates the extra step of putting primer on, which I hate because I can never find a primer I love.
            It feels really light on the skin, I barely feel like I have make up on and it is super fast. This morning I put my full face on in under 10 minutes, which is like some kind of record because usually it takes me that long just to get my foundation mixed and primer on. TIME SAVER!
            Another plus, I haven’t broken out yet and I’ve worn the stuff for at least eight hours all three days I have put it on. Recently my make up has been causing me to break out, I think it’s my primer because all my brushes are cleaned before each use, but it could be that it’s time for new powder even though I don’t think mine is more than 3 months old…but I digress.
             While I cannot attest to the shade adjusting aspect of the foundation; I think I may have gotten the wrong shade, apparently Chelsea forgot it was summer and she was a bit tanner than normal, it still works very well.
            Downside, while it is a very good base it doesn’t produce much color at all. I’m not sure if it’s because the shade I got is just a bit light for my skin or if I am just crazy. I think it is meant to be a minimal coverage foundation, which is great for me because most days my skin doesn’t really need much work just a helping hand in evening every thing out. So if you are looking for a light coverage foundation just go try this stuff.
            This foundation primer mixture only cost 5 dollars, which is much less than the other primers I have ever gotten, even from drug store brands. I intend to keep using it and getting a darker shade so I can let you guys know how that goes. Thanks for your time! Have a great day and stay beautiful!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Female Dilemma

            Girls are complicated creatures. I know it’s something men have been saying for years, but as I find myself getting older I’ve seen our sex for what they really are, complicated. Plain and simple.  Men have been saying it for centuries, but maybe it is time for us girls to realize it too.
            While I am not in the market for a girlfriend, I like the boys; I see what a quandary we present to the opposite sex or even the same sex. If a relationship is going to slow we get insecure thinking that he is not interested. If he tries to move to fast it is because he just wants to get in your pants and then dump you. Is there a middle ground? What exactly is the best pace to proceed?
            I am not pretending to understand the entire dynamic of the dance that is dating, but come on, if I was a boy I would not put up with half the shit girls try to pull. For instance, my sister’s boyfriend sees her go berserk DAILY, and I am talking throwing stuff, screaming at the top of her lungs, slamming doors, and crying so loud the neighbors complain; yet he stays. Seriously I would have dumped her butt LONG ago, yet he stays. They say love is blind, but it must also be deaf and dumb.
            Moving on to the way women are portrayed in the media. I find myself watching movies were the female characters are just downright stupid and irrational. “What do you mean you dated my best friend for a week back when you were teenagers? How could you do that to me?” Really? His response should be, “Are you mental? We didn’t even know each other!” all while waving his hands in her face because she’s crazy. Another part of the over reaction is they never allow the person they are accusing to explain.
            Recently I watched Wild Target, I am probably going to ruin it now…sorry. Anyway, the lead female character is basically a thief and a con artist, lead male character is hired to kill her, but doesn’t. He protects her, despite the fact that it means for the first time he has failed at his job and now there are people who want him dead. Now I am not saying it was a selfless act, he seemed to be struck by her beauty, which is a superficial reason to save someone, but who am I to judge the male species. But I digress, they end up in a romantic relationship and like the little thief she is, combined with the fact that she is a noisy woman, the lead goes through his things, uncovering his hidden stash of target pictures and wouldn’t you know it her picture is there. She flips out, now I admit I would freak a bit too, but not as bad as she does. She immediately steals a gun that he also has hidden, a gift from his father for his first kill, and starts packing her stuff, all while the man is downstairs trying to redecorate because she thinks his house is drab. Long story short, she runs, but only after threatening to kill him. Now, once again I would have been a bit upset, but hey let me just run off into the dangerous world where there are killers who are not in love with me trying to kill me!
            I think it just all boils down to need for drama in life because it distracts from the real problem, we as women are just too insecure as a whole. I am not pretending that I am not insecure, although I am told that I don’t seem it, I certainly am. There are days I don’t even want to show my face because I have had a bad breakout or my hair is sticking out at odd angles that just won’t be smoothed, but I do anyway because if I stayed home every time I had a bad hair day I would get fired and never leave my house. Maybe there should always be a little sign in our mirrors that say, “You’re beautiful!” or maybe no mirrors at all.
            The reason for my little insightful rant about girls is the characters in my writing. I never want them to be weepy or overly clingy or heaven forbid idiots, but it’s hard to write drama without a heroine who sometimes acts like she is on heroin. I try to make them strong independent people, but it seems that they can’t be those things without being just a tad insecure. That being said, does being insecure actually benefit us sometimes?
            To end this posting I would just like to say, if I was a boy I would probably be gay.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Losing my Blogging Virginity

This is my first time and so far I'm scared but intrigued by what is offered before me. My own little place on the internet to divulge my personal thoughts and have complete strangers read them. SCARY!

Seriously though, I am really excited about this. So as my first post I am just going to do a little background info into who I am and why I decided to start a blog.

Firstly, my name is Chelsea. You can all me whatever you want not promising I will answer. I'm twenty years old right now, about to be twenty one. I work for a contracting company based out of San Antonio while I attend school and try to figure out what the hell I want to do with my life. I'm boring as hell, so on a Friday night you can find me watching a movie on my couch with my best friend or perhaps at Chili's laughing it up with my friends, but mostly it's the former. In my spare time I read, write, and listen to music, well actually I'm almost always listening to music; I'm listening to music right now - Ode to Her by Nathan Angelo. Obviously dancing goes hand in hand with music, you are safe in assuming that I am often found dancing like an idiot while everyone just watches and laughs, I swear it's an affliction, but i digress. I fancy myself a writer. With all honesty it's been my dream since I first held a pencil to have a published novel, well okay maybe when I was five I didn't even understand about publishing, but once I did it became my dream. I also fancy myself a make up artist and though the two may not seem to mesh well, art is art whether it be on the page or face.

Okay enough about me, let's get to why I am posting this nonsense to the internet. I need a place to talk about all of my passions. A place to rant. My own little nook, so that is exactly what this is going to be. One day I may be gushing about a new lipstick I just bought (not likely, I don't particularly like lipstick) or telling you about the newest part of one of my many literary projects (which can be viewed at http:www.wattpad.com/user/clydegirl) or I could simply be yelling about the idiot who cut me off on my way to work. Anyway, I'm not promising a post everyday or that the things posted will be helpful, funny, or insightful. This is just me talking to anyone who's got enough extra time to listen.

Peace out, Chels